Our Rating System

101 Point Wines uses a revolutionary rating system, where all wines receive one of two scores, either 100 or 101 points.

“If I like the wine, it’s 100 points. If I really like it, it’s 101,” says founder and reviewer Nevah Herdaheem. “The industry has been trending toward higher and higher scores for a while now. I’m just taking it to its logical conclusion.”

Herdaheem says there are many benefits to this system. 

“Today when you see all these 95 to 100 point scores, I think it’s really confusing to people,” he says. “As a critic, the number one thing that I hear from wineries and retailers is that they love all the high scores, but they want the scores to be higher and easier to understand.” 

Herdaheem says 101 Point Wines is the future of wine rating. That future is here. 

“For consumers, they’ll be able to enjoy a lot of top scoring wines. For wineries, they have the comfort of knowing if they submit a wine, it’s going to get either 100 or 101 points like they believe it should. Meanwhile retailers only have to write one or two shelf-talkers for a wine for the rest of their lives. 101 Point Wines is 'a win, win, win for every wine.'”